I Am A Preacher...What Do I Preach?

I am a Wanderer traveling the Cosmos and as a Wanderer, I preach. What do I preach and why does it matter to you?

As a Wanderer, ensconced in the spiritual reality, I preach the Law of One. The Law of One is a Cosmic Law that posits there is only one Self and everything is that one Self including human beings living on Earth. Any awareness outside the Law of One is a distortion. Since most of the people on Earth believe that Spirit is “out there” in heaven somewhere, they are in distortion. Why this matters to you is if you believe that God is in “heaven,” Jesus is your savior, you have to be saved and there is a hell, you are living in distortion. Why is that?

Living inside every human being is the awareness of the Law of One whether you are aware of it or not. Each human is a part of the one Self and to submit to separation consciousness that says God is “out there” and not INSIDE you, in here, is antithetical to the Law of One. Everything is connected and to practice the Earth ways that say one religion is more true and another is not as true or to say only you because of your religion believe in the one true God, is a distortion. All Earth religions are experiencing the one true God. There is no “false” religion. Believing there is a false religion, false God and yours is not and feeling superior and entitled because of your belief is a distortion and this is what we have on Earth. I am sure you know what a distortion is. Just in case, a distortion is an exaggeration, a twist, a change of the way something really is.

As a Wanderer, I am tasked with being the presence of the awareness that presents the reality of the Law of One and that reality is that there is only one Self in the Cosmos and that every soul, thus human, is that Self.


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