I Am Already God, I Am Already Saved, I Am Already In Heaven

Are you familiar with being “God-conscious”? From my experience, it is an important consciousness to be. What does being “God-conscious” mean and why is it the MOST important state of being on the planet now?

Before I explain the experience of being “God-conscious,” let me tell you what it is not. It is not the concept, the ideation of what most humans have loaded into the word, the concept, the connotation of “God.” Most humans have the misguided notion that “God” is a man in heaven separate from themselves. This separateness, that “God” is over “there” somewhere and who knows where is what I have experienced as “separation-consciousness.” The state of being “God-conscious” is having the awareness within oneself that one is a divine, sacred being and a piece of God, a co-Creator. There is no need to pray to an avatar, go through Jesus, be saved or go to heaven. Why? One does not have to do the above things because as a piece of God oneself, one is ALREADY an avatar, one is already saved, one is already in heaven. It is important to become “God-conscious” because that is where humanity is heading. All of humanity is destined to be aware of its Christed nature for we exist in a Christed Universe. We are already God in human form.

Please understand that I am not advocating the destruction or overthrow of any religion. Religion is important for mankind and I am pointing out that religion must change to show people that they are God also, that God’s authority IS IN THEM and that the celebration and ritual of religion is about celebrating and acknowledging that every human is a piece of God and is already “God-conscious” and that a sacred, divine authority exists within each human. That is the true meaning of “Merry Christed Universe Mass.”


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