“I Am All The Jedi”

At the end of Star Wars, The Rise Of Skywalker, Rey Skywalker responds to Palpatine’s exclamation, “I am all the Sith,” with “I am all the Jedi.” Why is this declaration by Rey Skywalker an important spiritual metaphor for our time?

Rey Skywalker’s announcement that she is ALL the Jedi is a statement based on the fact that she is the entire lineage of the Jedi embodied in her persona and DNA.. She carries the power of the Force forward. In addition, while she carries the lineage of the Jedi, she also carries the Force which is a metaphor, as I perceive it, of God, Spirit, The All That Is, the Infinite Creator. Since she carries, is a piece of the Force, she evinces ALL THE TRAITS OF THE FORCE. SHE IS ALL THE JEDI. What does this really mean for all humanity?

What this means for all of humanity is that each human is ALL OF GOD, evincing ALL THE QUALITIES OF, ALL THE TRAITS OF GOD IN THEIR PERSON. Each human has a piece of God in them and as such has all the qualities and abilities of God: creativity, intention, Love, manifestation and so much more. Humanity is God plus ego. We humans are more than our physical abilities. We have the power of God, of Spirit imbued in who and what we are and we are, as Rey Skywalker declares, “All of the Jedi.”

We humans are God in form and the Force is us. WE ARE ALL OF THE JEDI. The new mantra for humanity is not, “May the Force be with you.” It is, “May you be the Force that is you.”


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