Humanity Has Made God Into A Santa Claus

Please understand that this is not a criticism of humanity’s perception of God or Santa Claus. What I am about to share with you is a the perception of God by a human with Cosmic awareness, that’s me, meaning a more expanded awareness than most of humanity when it comes to being God in format or in body. So, what do I mean by humanity has made God into a Santa Claus?

What I mean by saying humanity has made God into a Santa Claus is that humanity has bastardized what God really is just like they have bastardized what Santa Claus really is. The historical Santa Claus was a real man who was to become St. Nicholas who was a Greek Bishop in the fourth century in a place called Myra in Asia Minor (now called Turkey) who was wealthy and a gift-giver. The belief we have of Santa Claus today is a commercialized version of the real man created to sell product, to make money. It’s fake.

In the same way humanity has bastardized Santa Claus, we have bastardized God. How is this so?

It seems to me that most humans perceive God as a really old man, wearing a white robe, with a long white beard, sitting on a throne in the sky. Most humans will point their finger up to the sky when they say God. They also perceive God as explained in the Bible: Vengeful. This is a pure bastardization of what God really is. What is God really?

From my Cosmic perception, I have come to know God as the consciousness, Beingness and awareness of Infinite creation as manifested in all there is. God is not human, not a man or woman. God is an energy that is in Creation that is expressed in physical form. Humans, the Earth, animals, plants, microbes are God in form. The entire Cosmos is the body of God. God is in all that is. God is not Jesus with all other humans not being God. God is in every human as the Divine of creation.  Humans exemplify the manifested expression of God.

So, if you believe God is a man in heaven, think again. God is you, humanity, minus ego.


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