Human Creative Intelligence...The True God Code

From my direct and intimate experience with God, God is man minus ego not A man. Humankind IS God and as such it contains what God is: Creative Intelligence, a native super power endowed in humans as a piece of God. Is there a problem here?

Yes, there is a deep problem humanity has with its inherent super power of Creative Intelligence. It refuses to believe it has this power and as such it doesn’t use this power enough to solve its most pressing problems. Why does humanity not believe it has the power of Creative Intelligence?

Humanity does not believe it has Creative Intelligence because it believes that God is out there somewhere and is separate from them and only the God out there has creativity and man is nothing. Humanity believes that all Creative things come from God as gifts if they are good little boys and girls and pray hard enough and are good enough instead of accepting the reality that humans are already a piece of God endowed with Creative Intelligence from birth and have this super power to use at will to solve all its challenges. How does humanity get back it’s Creative Intelligence?

Man can get back it’s Creative Intelligence by admitting and accepting that man is God plus ego. Once man realizes that it IS God in form and has an inherent Creative Intelligence, it will not lack for use of this intelligence to solve all of its Earthly challenges from war and hunger to poverty and hate, from greed and jealousy to envy and intolerance.

Every human has Creative Intelligence. Stop believing that God gives you things. The truth is that the piece of God you are as a human has the Creative Intelligence to create its own gifts.


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