Everyone Is Spiritual

In my spiritual journey over the millennia through the Cosmos, I have learned one vital, important lesson: everyone is spiritual. Why is that and how do I know?

I have learned that everyone is spiritual because I have seen that all beings contain a piece of God by realizing it and seeing it within myself, of Infinite Creator energy as they were made by Infinite Creator and as such contain the spiritual energy of The Creator. Now, please understand that this does not mean that everyone behaves in a spiritual manner and they are still spiritual as they contain Spirit. The idea is that every being comes to terms with realizing they are spiritual, are a piece of God and behaving spiritually, meaning, with Divine intent, with unconditional Love, with wisdom and with healing.

This realization flies in the face of those who follow a chosen avatar and refer to a sacred text and claim they are the one true religion and if you don’t believe as they do, you are going to Hell. This is a patently false narrative as all are endowed with The Creator’s energy and you just have to look within yourself to see that energy and you don’t have to go through an avatar, read a book, be saved, or join a religious cult to be spiritual. In my realization, religion exists to remind us that God lives within us and that is why humans invented religious iconography from the Crucifix to the Menorah, to remind us of our human spiritual nature. When we look at religious iconography, it makes us feel our spiritual roots.

Everyone is spiritual no matter if they are the worst drug lord, criminal, killer or Saint. Everyone is endowed with the Divine spark of The Creator. It is up to each of us to see it within ourselves. I do not need to be “saved” by some religion to do that.


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