Change Your Vibe To Change Your Life

Every human being has the innate ability to change their vibration, to raise their vibratory level to a higher level to move out of negativity to positivity. How is this done and why does it matter?

Humans can easily raise their vibrations to become more positive by changing their thoughts and feelings. For example, if you are thinking and feeling bad about yourself, do a random act of kindness, smile at someone, look in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself, tithe some clothes or other possessions to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, tell yourself that you are worthy of being wealthy. This will raise your vibrations automatically and you will think and feel better about yourself which will put you in synch with the field of infinite possibilities to allow more positive realities in your life. These realities will include more money, better people, better living conditions, better love life, etc. As you raise your vibrations, you allow room for more, higher vibrations to surround you, to come into your life. It’s that easy.

Why this ability matters is because most humans have given their power to raise their own vibrations to someone or something else. The truth is that the ability to raise one’s vibrations is an inside job and is not in a thing or person outside ourselves. The raising of our own vibrations comes from within our own minds and feelings. It starts right here with each of us. I know. I do it every day. For example, I have realized that life has a beginning, middle and an end and that the end is not a loss. I do not feel at a loss for endings as I know that the experience is contained with me AND THERE IS NO LOSS. There is no such thing as a loss because it is a thought and feeling that can be transmuted. You may say that the death of someone is a loss. It is not a loss as you lived the experience of them. They are still with you in your heart and mind. That cannot be taken away from you. One door closes, another door opens. There are always new beginnings, new middles and new endings. We humans have the power to change how we think and feel about these experiences. We can raise our thoughts and feelings to better thoughts and feelings at will.

Change your vibe for a better life. It works.


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