Where Is The Happiest Place In The World?

Disneyland touts that it’s the happiest place in the world and it is one of the most fun places I have been to many times. I have a great many memories of my family, over the years, enjoying Disneyland and while it can be a happy experience, is it the happiest place in the world? From where I live, it is not the happiest place in the world. Where then, is the happiest place in the world?

I live in the happiest place in the world and that place is WITHIN MYSELF. Why do I say that? I say that the happiest place in the world is within myself because I have realized that inside of me is where everything happens and I have chosen to be the happy being I was born as. I came here happy. Why should I give that up? Why should I fall victim to unhappy thoughts and limiting beliefs? I don’t and that’s why, no matter where I am or who I am surrounded by, I am happy.

Of course I have my ups and downs in life and I have felt sadness, depression, anxiety, frustration, anger, and resentment but I have never felt hate and I always go back to my inner default setting: happiness. Happiness, I have experienced, is an inner state of being. I don’t get happiness or find happiness. Happiness just is. Nothing MAKES you happy. You ARE happy within or not. Now, there are THINGS or PEOPLE that PLEASE me. For example, getting some new article of clothing or having my overdue water heater fixed pleases me. It pleases me to meet a nice person but it doesn’t make me happy. I come TO experiences in an already happy state meaning I am an optimist and I don’t look for pessimistic angles in the experiences that happen through me. This is an important distinction that makes the difference in suffering or not.

It seems to me that my soul, my Spirit is a happiness in and of itself.


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