Walker Between The Worlds

There are beings who are known as “walkers between the worlds” who are in human form on Earth right now. I am one of them. What does it mean to be a “walker between the worlds” and what is it’s significance to you?

From my experience of being a “walker between the worlds,” I have found it to be the ability to cross over into the Spirit world while still in my body (I don’t die) and bring back information from Spirit which I share with other humans in body. This does not occur while I’m in a trance or meditation. It occurs right here, right now as I have one foot in the physical world and one foot in the Spirit world and can navigate between both worlds through my highly sensitive perception that includes my psychic awareness and sensory awareness as in I can see beings from the Spirit world with my physical eyes. For me, there is no problem with being a “walker between the worlds.” Why is it so taboo to the rest of society?

Society at large sees “walkers between the words” as taboo because most of society lives in a black and white world. They are afraid of the shadow. I can tell you that this fear is misguided and Spirit/God encompasses BOTH Light AND Dark at the same time. People have been mis-guided by religion that propagates the spiritual abilities of “walkers between the worlds” as negative, blasphemous, evil, scary, spooky, weird, etc. all in the name of control that religion may continue to be seen as the final authority.

From my experience as a “walker between the worlds” there is no final authority and Spirit is not authoritative. My abilities to navigate both the physical and the Spirit worlds can be found in all humans. We have this gift from birth. Use it.


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