I was transfigured in August of 2012! What does that mean?

The fact that I was transfigured in August 2012 is about my being suddenly initiated into my Light Body through the sudden death of my beloved wife. Her death sent shock waves through my Beingness and that trauma shook me to my core causing me to instantaneously go where I was heading anyway but at a very quick pace. I have been working with and experiencing my transfigured Self ever since. What does that mean?

Working with and experiencing my transfigured Self and being totally in my Light Body means that I was now connected, indelibly, to my “Spiritual Light” and could see it within and around myself. It also means that I was now operating on a higher level of reality where the dense, 3D Matrix of Earth reality did not effect me as I was outside of cause and effect.

My ability to use my own “Spiritual Light” to heal myself and others became more and more apparent. I discovered that my “Spiritual Light” is outside of time, outside of disease, outside of duality. I use my Light not only by actually seeing it, being it, feeling it which I can but also seeing it in others, everything around me and by imagining it surrounding anything or one that calls out to me for healing. When you are in my presence, you instantaneously heal IF you allow yourself to. Allowing yourself to work with your Light is part of going through an initiation. It’s about timing and allowance and this Light does heal, no doubt about it. There are many documented cases all over the world about the miraculous healings from the use of “Spiritual Light.”

The next stage coming now is for you to transfigure yourself as all people are embodied with “Spiritual Light.”


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