The Significance Of Being Energy

From our scientist’s experiments over many decades we as a human species now know that material matter is not matter as we sense it. Matter is truly energy vibrating at a frequency that our human senses can perceive or not.

It is my experience that God, Spirit, thoughts, emotions and deceased loved ones usually cannot be perceived by our human senses because their energy is vibrating at a level too high for our human senses to perceive but if we are sensitive enough, we can and will perceive them. What is the significance of everything being energy?

The significance of everything being energy and our human senses being capable of only perceiving a tiny fraction of vibrating energy means that there is also a huge fraction of energy that is not matter that is also available for humans to perceive if we are willing to learn how to be more sensitive to these higher vibrations. How do humans become more sensitive to higher vibrating energy realities?

The first step is to want to perceive realities beyond the physical. Unfortunately, religion, Hollywood, government and society have cast a negative and spooky web over what are known as psychic phenomena, extra-sensory perception, spirits and things that go bump in the night. It’s a fake attempt at preventing humans from realizing that there’s more to reality than consuming, shopping, iPhones, Santa Clause, money and the Bible. From what I have found, there are untold realities that are invisible to our physical senses but are real and exist and are within our reach to understand and learn from. How do we perceive that which is beyond our physical senses?

The way to go about perceiving that which vibrates beyond the physical senses is to first throw off
the lie you have been brainwashed to believe that such things don’t exist. Things beyond our five
senses DO exist and belief is the first barrier to overcome. The second barrier is being afraid of what’s on the other side.  There is nothing to fear from what vibrates higher that our human senses can perceive. I know. I can perceive them. They are harmless. They are here to guide and teach us. The third barrier to perceiving higher vibrations is that you are not capable of perceiving beyond your five senses. That is not true as all humans possess the ability to see beyond the physical realm.

The two basic ways to open yourself up to greater sense perception is to go into nature and meditation. These practices will help you to make a start in connecting with higher vibrations.


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