The Hardest Thing Is To Be

I hear my fellow human beings say, “I believe,” “I think,” “I feel,” “I know,” and I hardly ever hear them say “I am.” “I am,” not in terms of, “I am a doctor” or “I am Brad Pitt” but in terms of being. What do I mean?

What I mean is, for example, you can say “I believe in God.” What does it mean when one says they believe in God? Is it that one agrees that there even is a God, believes in a God as described by something or someone like the Bible, a Church or a Pastor that told them that God is this or that or has one had a direct experience of God or do they know they are a piece of God?

From my experience of being a piece of, a fractal of God, I am God and I am being God in every moment. It’s not a belief, not a thought, not a’s being which is a state of being the thing or aspect in this now moment. This is not a Beingness through the five senses. It is a Beingness that I perceive BEYOND my sensory awareness.

It is my awareness without my senses. I find that as my perception grasps more and more of the Beingness of God that I am, as my awareness expands to include more of God-consciousness, it affects my physical senses so that my physical experience can also perceive God. I can then experience the Beingness of God as physical and apprehend that I am the awareness of God in a physical format. I am the being of the Infinite Creator here on Earth as a focus of expression and creativity. It is not the God of the Bible or the church, it is the God that is the energy of Creation. That’s what I mean when I say being something. I am it. Being is the hardest state to achieve because in order to Be, you have to go out of your mind.


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