Spirit Is You

Spirit, soul, God is YOU, human being. How do I know? It seems to me from what I am perceiving of my Self that I am Spirit right here, right now. Spirit is NOT out there somewhere in some imagined place separate from ourselves that we have to get, attain, obtain or achieve Spirit. When you realize Spirit as being YOU, then when Gurus, Priests, Rabbis, Imoms, Monks, Religions and practices promise you that they have a way for you to connect with Spirit with their practice that is something outside of yourself wanting to connect with you, you can question it. Why question it?

It’s vital, critical and important to question anyone or anything that promises to bring you closer to Spirit from the outside because Spirit is ALREADY YOU!!! Even being spiritually inspired by a sunrise is YOU talking to YOU! The only way to connect with Spirit is to go within yourself. The only way I have found that a spiritual practice can help anyone connect with Spirit is by that practice demonstrating how they can help one go within oneself that one may experience Spirit right here within. Why is it important to go within?

It is important to go within to first see that YOU are Spirit in human form because it then helps you to see and connect with Spirit in everything. The type of practices that take you within are meditative, contemplative, mindfulness, soul-searching, Self-awareness practices and NOT attaching to beliefs, religions, Masters, etc. Why? The answer is because YOU are your own master imbued with Spirit. Following another is separation consciousness because you are looking for, IN THEM, what is already IN YOU.

Follow the Spirit within. Use those practices that take you within in a natural, safe way without unnecessary drugs or accoutrements. There is nothing wrong with a little incense or meditative music or guided meditations but know it’s about connecting YOU with YOU.


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