Spirit Is Right Here As Me And You

From what I realized through many lifetimes of experience, including this lifetime, I now know that I am a fractal of Spirit, a piece of God. Why is this a big deal?

I have written about this subject manner times and it cannot be over-emphasized that I am Spirit in every aspect of my being. What I am saying is that my physical, mental, emotional, soul and Spirit Self IS Spirit, IS a fractal of, a piece of God right here, right now. I am Spirit inside and out. When I thank, show appreciation to, show gratitude for and show Love for Spirit, for God, I am talking to myself AND to The All That Is in everything and it hears and responds to me. What am I asking you to do about this reality?

What I am asking you to do about this reality is STOP saying and believing I am blasphemous because I am NOT saying I am the one God, all of God, no, that is your misunderstanding, that is your religious brainwashing. I am not saying a thing. I am experiencing that I am a piece of God as is everything. So, when you look at yourself and everyone and everything around you, understand and know that what you’re looking at IS God.

God is NOT some concept you learned in a book. God is YOU. GOD IS EVERYTHING YOU ARE. YOU ARE MADE OF AND FROM GOD SO BE THE GOD YOU ARE. Seeing this as blasphemous is the result of religionists who purposely meant to keep you disempowered that they may keep their authority over you. A Priest, Rabbi, Imam or Monk are no greater than you for you, like them, are God also.

The temple you have been waiting to enter to meet God is inside you.


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