Set It And Forget It

Set it and forget it. Set and forget what? What I have discovered is that the greatest aspect of my human ability is to use what I call my intention. I can use my intent to manifest ANYTHING. I have an inherent ability to think and feel a thing into existence and why do most of the humans here on Earth not even know they have this ability and also fail to use it properly?

The reason most humans don’t know about the power of intent is because they have been brainwashed that that power is in someone or something else that is given to them if they are lucky or fortunate or blessed. They give up their intentional powers to a God, Guru, Priest, rabbit’s foot, etc. and live hoping and praying that someone or thing outside them will save them. This is misguided. The power of intention, it seems to me from experience, is within each human. Now, what about how to use this power?

Most humans have some familiarity with their power of intent but they use it incorrectly. What do I mean by incorrectly? Most people set their intention to manifest thing and then obsesses over how and when it will appear in their lives. Wrong. You have to set it and forget it. What does that mean? Setting and forgetting your intention means to create what you intend in your life to manifest, feel what it is like to have it now and then let it go, forget it. Don’t obsess about it. Stop thinking about it. Trust that it will manifest. Be in the present moment and go about your life. When you obsess about your intention you signal to the field of all possibilities that you are not sure, you have doubt and the field gives you back a not sure, doubtful reality, as in, nothing manifests.

I have struggled with manifesting by obsessing about the appearance of what I want in my life so I know what I’m talking about.  It’s about setting one’s intention with clear thought and feeling it ALREADY existing in your life and then letting it rest. The field of all possibilities then aligns with you to manifest your desires.


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