Self-Importance Is A Hindrance To True Spiritual Growth

Self-Importance. An ego function that says you’re important based on your accomplishments, that is, the job you have, whether you have fame, notoriety, power, what kind of house you have, how much money you make, the car you drive, etc. While these are great accomplishments and self-importance by itself is an important aspect of self-confidence, it seems to me from my experience with self-Importance that it can be a huge spiritual trap that hinders one from moving forward on one’s soul path. How is that?

I have found that self-Importance makes one feel greater than, better than, judgmental of others and contributes to making one think they have arrived and that they know everything, they are more important than others and have no more work to do, especially inner, spiritual work. Self-Importance is a spiritual trap that can keep one stuck at a certain level of awareness with no expansion in sight. When we arrive at a place of seeing the delusion of our self-Importance, how do we move out of this spiritual trap?

The first step in getting out of the spiritual trap of self-Importance is to become aware of it as delusional, as ego fixation. This takes a quantum leap in awareness for many to accept they they are not important at all, that at the spirit level, everyone is equal and the world can and will go on without them, thank you very much. The sense of self-worth, to me, is not gained from how much you have amassed but in knowing that you are enough just as you were made by The All That Is. The second important action to release oneself from the hold of self-importance is to no longer identify with it as a source of one’s status in the world. There is nothing wrong with achievement of life goals and identifying yourself with those achieved goals as YOU is the misguided thinking that traps one from continuing with expanding one’s awareness.

My recommendation is to resolve to realize that what one have achieved is great and it is not the only defining aspect of a successful life. In my experience, a successful life, in addition to material success, is the expansion of one’s awareness that allows them to see that there is only one Self here and we are all in this collective together. Everyone is unique, everyone has significance of some kind.


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