If You Want To Feel More “Spiritual”...Do this!

It seems to me that millions of people are starving for a spiritual connection, to be more spiritual and are open to doing many different rituals, practices and beliefs to get this awesome connection. What I have found is that while there are many fantastic practices and states of mind that bring humans in connection with Spirit, there is one very simple way to become more spiritual that is easy and effective and that anyone can practice, anywhere. What is this thing?

I have found that anyone can become more spiritual by simply raising their vibration. How is this done? Raising one’s vibration is done by changing your thoughts and feelings from lower vibrating thoughts and feelings like anger, hate, frustration, envy, jealousy, greed, fear, judgement, intolerance, etc., to thoughts and feelings of Love, compassion, kindness, peace, acceptance, allowance, surrender, tolerance, generosity and charity. You simply change you thinking and feeling and your vibrations rise to a level where you meet Spirit, you allow Spirit in. Obviously, you must be true in your intent, that is, your thoughts and feeling must be true. Spirit can easily spot a phony.

So, take a few breaths, calm yourself and switch out of the negative thoughts and feelings with self-talk that takes you to a place of caring, of happiness and peace. Think and feel things that bring you happiness. This takes practice and concentration to get to a level of honesty where the positive emotions and thoughts are real and true for you, not just concepts or words.

When you raise your vibration, Spirit automatically engages with you.


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