I Saw And Felt My Wife’s Soul Leave

As I was watching Donna Eden’s webinar yesterday about Energy Medicine, I saw what it felt like when my wife’s soul left her body in 2012 when she suddenly died. What was it like?

What I saw close to her body was a bright yellow/white presence of Light the was attached to her that quickly pulled away from her body in a flash. It just whipped away. It surprised me how fast it moved. What also surprised me was how impersonal it felt. It felt to me like her soul was looking at her and just knew it was time to let go of this physical body for whatever reason it needed to. For me, I felt two reasons: her soul’s mission was complete for this lifetime even though my wife was 59 and my wife’s body was not well and her soul no longer wished to abide in that temple.

I really don’t know if this is an accurate depiction of my wife’s death or not and it was quite a different feeling that I experienced about how her soul moved on.


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