God, Spirit Are NOT Invisible

I am a partially physical being that perceives the realities of Earth through my five senses. These senses, I have found, are well suited to perceiving the physical aspects of the reality my body is in but they cannot directly perceive what is beyond the physical, that is, God, Spirit. Since my senses cannot pick up the frequencies of God, Spirit, I claim they are either invisible or don’t exist. This was my misguided notion until I was able to perceive God, Spirit directly. I now know for a fact that there is a greater world beyond the physical that I can apprehend and that the spiritual world is not invisible, it is simply not perceived by my five senses which were not designed to do that. How is it I can see Spirit?

I can see God, Spirit who are so-called invisible because I have opened my third eye, my intuitive side and it has allowed me to be more sensitive to what I call the beyond or non-ordinary and I now know there is nothing “invisible.” Invisible is a word used by those who are afraid to see God, Spirit in it’s non-physical form because it has been conveyed to them that these things are scary, spooky, evil, weird, the devil, soul-sucking, etc.

Of course there are all levels of Spirit just like there are all level of humans, animals, plants, elements, microbes, etc. Nothing of a deleterious nature can touch or harm you if you don’t allow it to, so it is important to watch your thoughts and feelings as it is those aspects that lower your vibration and make you vulnerable to lower awareness.


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