I discovered my true mission or assignment for being born on Earth: to assist humanity in becoming truly God-conscious. When I first learned of my mission, I had to ask myself, “what in the world does it mean to be God-conscious?”

What it means to be God-conscious, I discovered, is not following a religion, memorizing the Bible or being a Priest or missionary. It is not belief at all. What is it then?

Being God-conscious, I found, from realizing I am God-conscious is BEING the consciousness of God which means-

1. Always becoming more.

2. Exploring Self deeper and deeper.

3. Being Love, Wisdom and Healing.

4. Being an ever expanding awareness.

5. Using the creativity that you are.

6. Expressing your gifts.

These are easy to speak, easy to write and they are not easy to be. I have found most of humanity locked in dogma, fixed in ego and mesmerized by materialism. That’s why I was invited to come to Earth. I exemplify God-Consciousness and my presence here is changing the atmosphere from ideation or conceptual to direct experience or being. God-Consciousness is being Love in every moment. A thing humans have extreme difficulty with and it is getting better. The total shift of a humanity with complete God-consciousness is near.


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