Being A Man Of Knowledge But What Kind Of Knowledge?

In 1971, I first heard the words from Carlos Castenada’s first book, “The Teachings of Don Juan, A Yaqui Way of Knowledge” as read by our resident writer to a group of actors who were in an off-college-campus theatre group I was a part of. From that moment, I knew that I was on the road to being a “man of knowledge” but did not really understand what that meant at the time. While I eventually learned what it meant to be a man of knowledge and became one, I continued to gain more knowledge and use it in my life. So, what does being a man of knowledge really mean?

I first discovered that being a man of knowledge was not the mastery of the knowledge of a subject like algebra or having a great vocabulary or knowing many facts about many subjects. While these pursuits are worthy and I have done them, they are not what makes one a man of knowledge. From my experience of being a man of knowledge, a man of knowledge is a person who learns the ways of Spirit and is able to use the esoteric ways of Spirit in the physical world for a better life for himself and others. What would be an example of this?

An example of the ways of Spirit is knowing that I too am Spirit and have the aspects of Spirit as a physical being. These aspects are consciousness, Beingness and awareness and I use these qualities through the practice of Love, kindness, compassion, peace and tolerance with Wisdom and Healing for myself and others. As an example, I stay in a place of loving-detachment in any situation. For example, when there is chaos in situations involving people, I remain calm and bring calmness to the situation, I bring Love to the situation. This does not mean that I do not speak up when I see an injustice. It does not mean that I am not effected emotionally. What it means is I speak up and I also diffuse and transmute negativity into positivity. As a man of knowledge, I am a transmuter and this is part of my esoteric functioning.

Being a man of knowledge is open to everyone but it is an arduous path in that it takes a major life commitment to learn the ways of Spirit and use these ways correctly.  To be knowledgeable is great and to be a man of knowledge is greater in that you take your lessons from Spirit.


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