Your New And Better Life Is As Easy As Sweeping Away Old Energy

I perceive many being stuck in old energy patterns of living, believing there is no way out. This is a gross mis-conception. To help oneself move to much needed NEW energy patterns of better feelings, more money, better situations, greater opportunities, it’s as simple as taking that etheric broom AND real broom in your closet and SWEEPING OUT that old energy. How does one do this?

You can sweep out the old, stale, stuck energy of your life by visualizing it in your mind and seeing yourself with broom in hand sweeping it out your front door. See yourself sweeping the old, bad energy out, out, out with a smile on your face and with great enthusiasm. The images you create are your own, so be imaginative but make sure that you are getting ALL the old, negative, bad energy out the door whether it’s in the form of a person, place, thing or situation.

Then, you do this in the physical world by getting your broom from the broom closet and literally sweeping the floor of your house or apartment to the front door. While you do this sweeping, hold in mind what you are sweeping out whether it’s a feeling, person, energy or situation. Just sweep it out and say, “be gone.”

Do this with gusto and happiness for you are moving out what is holding you back in your life. You are sweeping old, dead energy out of your life making way for new energy to come in to take you in more happy, peaceful, abundant and satisfying directions in your life. You’ve got to become one mean, lean, sweeping machine.


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