Why You Should Stop Trying To Get Away From Your Humanity.

It seems to me that mostly all the religious and spiritual traditions on Earth try to diminish our human aspect, try to say that connection with soul and Spirit are the keys to enlightenment, nirvana and peace. From my perch, I see this as misguided. Why do I see this as misguided?

I see the religious and spiritual traditions of Earth dismissing our human aspect, saying it is dirty, bad,  unimportant, not spiritual as misguided because our human aspect IS our sacred, divine, soul, Spirit aspect in form. It is not less than soul or Spirit. It does not vibrate in a frequency of reality as high as soul and Spirit but it is an important part of soul and Spirit experience nonetheless in the form of an actionable physical vehicle that helps humans expand their soul and Spirit AWARENESS which is the very thing Creation is for. Humans are a fractal of Spirit/God/Infinite Creator expanding its awareness THROUGH the HUman vehicle. What does this mean?

What this means is that we must completely change our mindset about our humanness and see IT for the sacred, divine, God-inspired temple that it is. The idea that human spiritual traditions are trying to get across is to not overly identify with the physical as the only reality of our human complex. Humans are so much more and we lose great awareness and learning when we dismiss the human body as trash, less, to be rejected, not spiritual. Our bodies ARE spiritual. They are temples, churches in which our soul, Spirit, God resides. We must treat our physical experience as the sacred experience it is. Debasing our physical selves is debasing God and Creation.

Any religion, spiritual tradition, psychology, belief system or mindset that tells you to debase, to dismiss, overlook or harm your physical self should be thrown in the trash.


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