When You See Ghosts And Spirits

When you see ghosts and spirits, just remember that a large part of who we are as a human being is soul, is Spirit so we don’t have to be afraid of other souls, spirits who are disembodied. We are not, as human beings, just flesh as we call it. We are Spirit, soul having a physical experience and we can have soul, Spirit experiences while in our bodies. What is the unfortunate aspect here is that most humans fear that THEY are souls, Spirits. They ignore that they are also Spirits. Why? 

The reason most humans ignore that they are Spirits on Earth is because they have over-identified with their physical selves as the ONLY reality of who and what they are that they get frightened as they encounter themselves and other souls and spirits that exist right along side them albeit in another dimension. This Earth Reality is multi-dimensional meaning that there exists other places as real if not more real than the one we inhabit as partially physical beings. Did you ever think that those disembodied beings from other dimensions that you occasionally encounter might be afraid of you? Did you ever think of the reason why disembodied beings might be in your presence? How do we eradicate our fear of ghosts and spirits?

From my experience of encountering all kinds of disembodied beings, the way I have learned to be fearless in their presence is to remember that I am also a spirit but one clothed in a body. They can feel me, see me as I see them. They are around me for a reason. I reach out to them with love and ask them if they are there with love or not. If they are there with negative intent, I ask them to leave. If they are there with love, I allow them in my presence to see what it is they have to say. I can usually feel if their vibration is negative or positive. The best thing to do in dealing with the Spirit world is to get rid of the misguided notion that these spirits are of the devil, evil, spooky, bad and are going to suck your soul out of you. They can’t. Just be calm. It will change your life for the better to deal with them. 


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