What Is A Spiritual Path All About?

It seems to me that many people are asking what a spiritual path is all about? I have a possible reason for stepping onto and continuing on a spiritual path as someone who has always been on one. So, what’s a spiritual path really for?

I have found that a spiritual path is taken to meet yourself. Meet yourself? What does that mean? It means that all the studying and practicing on a spiritual path is to meet the real you. What and who is the real you, you ask? Good question.

The real you, the real me, as I have experienced it, is our essential nature as non-physical beings who are souls, spirits as our dominant form. HUman is the hardware that we operate through the downloading of the software program of our soul awareness in its desire to expand from taking on and learning lessons like how to Love, etc. Our essential nature, our essence is our awareness that never dies. It is eternal. Our body and our soul and spirit form a complex (body, mind, emotion, soul, Spirit) as we navigate a physical realm. We believe we are having a physical experience when in our body but it is really and truly a soul and spiritual experience. Our issue is we over-identify with our body and call it “me” or “I.” These aspects of our physical selves exist but only in an extremely narrow frequency of reality.

The major aspect of who and what we are is a non-physical being and the real reason to be on a spiritual path, I have discovered, is to connect with that non-physical part of your Self and then ride the wave of Self through the arc of infinity. This ride is known as our Spiritual Journey.


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