What Are You Waiting For?

Waiting. All humans wait at times. Waiting on line, waiting at the doctor’s office, waiting for a package to arrive, waiting in traffic. At the same time, it seems to me that humans have allowed “waiting” to dominate their conscious awareness to keep them stuck in a place, as in, “I am waiting for a savior to save me and while I wait I’ll do nothing to save myself.” This waiting consciousness is, it seems to me, a poor excuse to do nothing while one suffers, while one stays stuck in the same state of mind giving their power up to someone or something else until the other or it do something. To me, waiting is stuck energy unless you are on line at a bank. What can be done to move out of the stuck awareness of waiting for something to change while we take no decisive action to change it ourselves?

Hillel the Elder, the great philosopher asked, “If not now, when?” I would like to ask, “What are you waiting for?” You keep waiting for something outside yourself to change your stuck awareness, the thing you are waiting to happen and you sit there suffering not realizing that the thing and change in your circumstances, your attitude that you are so desiring, is in YOUR hands, not in the hands of an imagined savior, some other person or future happening. As you say to yourself, “I am waiting” you are training your psyche to accept stasis and giving up, giving away your power to act, to take action in an actionable Universe. You are in a physical body for the very reason of having the ability to be actionable. Emotions are action requiring programs. You must take action in order to release emotions. Waiting is a self-sabotaging emotion that has you believing you must wait for your happiness because someone else or something else is responsible for it. This notion is misguided and is a limiting belief. 

My awareness says, “I wait for no man or woman, or thing or savior.” I take action to create the positive flow that carries me to my good, to my happiness.  Waiting is like putting a dead plant outside your front door. That dead plant will not allow positive chi to enter your front door. To assist positive chi, positive energy, positive vibes to flow through your front door and therefore to you, you must put a vibrant, alive plant that you water and nourish on your doorway.


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