There’s No Such Thing As Goodbye

Having done it, I have found that the hardest thing for a human being to do is say goodbye to someone, especially a loved one who dies. What surprised me was that after a loved one died, I found out they weren’t dead!!! What? They weren’t dead? What am I talking about?

I discovered that loved ones don’t die because I learned that I was able to stay connected with them in the so-called “Spirit World.” There is no “Spirit World” as such. That’s just a term humans use for the higher vibratory levels of the soul which is a continuum that keeps on “living.” It’s not “living” in the clinical sense as we live it in human form. It is “living” in the reality of a higher vibrational field of soul where our light bodies continue to exist eternally and we can come back into the lower vibrating physical matrix when ready. How I know this is from talking to deceased relatives. How do I do that?

Talking to deceased relatives is an ability I have which may be called telepathic. I can engage with my loved ones in many ways including having conversations with them, dreaming of them, seeing them in my imagination field, smelling their favorite fragrances, hearing their voices call me, various synchronicities involving them. Why is saying goodbye a problem for humans? Saying goodbye to loved ones who die is a major problem for humans because they have been led to believe, mostly by religions and society, that it is evil, dark, bad, spooky, scary, blasphemous to connect with a deceased loved one. It’s a major lie to keep control of humans. Being in human form is not the only reality. There is the reality of soul which continues to exist and with which humans in body can connect with because there is a part of our human complex that contains soul and is able to connect with other souls.

So, when you think it’s goodbye to your deceased loved ones, think again. There is no such thing as goodbye. There is no such thing as over. There is only here and now.


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