There Are Many Spiritual Secrets And Here’s A Biggie For You

From my perch in the eighth dimension, I have perceived and used many spiritual secrets to advantage. Here is a great spiritual secret that can be used easily in the right now.

It seems to me that a majority of the people of Earth believe they cannot change the world unless they  do something grandiose outside of themselves whether positive or negative. I am of the experience that debunks this notion that you have to do something and if you can’t do this something you are powerless to effect change on the planet. What is the spiritual secret then?

The spiritual secret to effecting world change is that you must change that thing in yourself. If you want peace in the world you must have peace within yourself. If you are not peaceful, you are adding to the lack of peace on Earth.

How does changing yourself to change the world work? Changing yourself to change the world works by realizing that humanity is a COLLECTIVE and we are ONE SELF and the change in one effects the entire collective. When you make a change in yourself, you make a change in everyone else on the planet. This does not mean discounting actionable, physical activism where you march for equal pay or civil rights. That is important also and I am talking about implicit intent and not explicit intent. Implicit intent is your inner intention to change a thing within yourself and that’s where planetary change begins I have found.

I would encourage everyone to resolve to change their mindset that world wide change cannot be effected by one person. It can. Humans are like a chain link fence. Every link is important and that state of being is a most powerful spiritual secret that very few believe.


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