The Mystery Of Clairalience

I experience extra-sensory perception as real, true and palpable in my humanity. Picking up on that which is beyond the senses of the human body is no joke and I treat it with great respect. It is not mumbo jumbo as the religionists and society try to persuade in their fear and unaware state. It is true and real for me in my experience that I have what is called clairalience. What is clairalience and what is it’s importance to you?

Clairalience is the ability of a person to gain psychic knowledge through smelling. To use myself as an example, I can smell the fragrances of my own soul and the fragrances of other souls. These fragrances differ in that at times when I smell the essence of my soul, it is not an earthly fragrance but is is a most pleasing one nonetheless. I wish I could describe the fragrance I perceive but I can’t. 

The other fragrances I perceive are the fragrances of the perfumes once worn by my deceased loved ones. The experience for me has been to suddenly smell a very strong aroma of the perfumes that were the favorites of my mother and my wife who are both deceased. For some reason, they usually manifest at night while I’m asleep but they are so concentrated and strong that I know it is them. 

So, what is the psychic knowledge that I am to gain from my mother and wife manifesting their fragrances in my bedroom in the middle of the night? I perceive it to be that they are letting me know they are with me albeit in a different dimension. It is a form of communication from their Spirit and I am gifted with the ability to perceive that which is beyond my five senses. 

Why this is  important to all of us is that all humans have extra-sensory perception of one degree or another and it is a valuable skill in being able to receive messages from the Spirit world that are valuable in achieving greater understanding, knowledge and inner peace. There is nothing weird, scary, non-ordinary, evil or spooky about this psychic ability. It has only been made spooky by the church and society to control you and to keep their authority. I encourage you to open up to your psychic gifts to enjoy a much more expanded reality that will help you to gain greater understanding of what existence is really all about.


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