The Most Important Thing The Wisdom Path Has Taught Me

I Walk the Wisdom Path and there are many riches, many teachings, many lessons I have gleaned from being on this path but there is one thing the path has taught me that surpasses them all. What is the most important thing the Wisdom Path has taught me?

The most important thing the Wisdom Path has taught me is to USE wisdom in all I do. Wait a minute. That sounds oxymoronic, doesn’t it? Isn’t being on the Wisdom Path meant to make us wiser? Yes it is but it’s not just believing you are wiser for being on the Wisdom Path. It’s about actually using wisdom in all you do. For example, in relationships, it seems to me from a point of wisdom that people generally seek a commitment from another person in order to have trust, security, happiness. One does not want to see the other person making a commitment to other partners at the risk of ending the relationship. It’s a monogamous relationship one desires, I find.

When one continues to gives one’s commitment to another despite the other not giving a commitment back, this is is not using wisdom in a relationship. Using wisdom in a relationship where another refuses to commit no matter the reason is NOT allowing another to make a fool of you by continuing to give YOUR commitment. Using wisdom is leaving the relationship after giving another a reasonable amount of time to decide if they want to commit to you. Do they care about you or not? It doesn’t take long to get a commitment from another. It is not years. It is not months. It is not weeks. It is not days. It is a matter of minutes.

If someone can’t decide if they care about...they don’t care about you and it takes using wisdom to say, “I deserve to be cared about” and I am not going to foolishly continue giving my care to another who is confused. Using wisdom is the key to discerning when to move on and USING wisdom is the whole point of being on the Wisdom Path. It’s about functioning as a wise one, not just learning or studying wisdom. Wisdom is a behavior not an ideology. Having true wisdom is a secret of the ages, of the sages. One gains wisdom when having learned how not to be made a fool of. This can be APPLIED to ALL areas of life.


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