That Ugly Thing About Love

An amazing thing about Love is that no one really wants to practice Love because there’s something ugly about it. What is that ugly thing about Love that no one wants to practice?

That ugly thing about Love that no one wants to practice is that the whole idea of Love is that you must Love your irritating neighbor, you must Love yourself, you must Love your enemy, you must Love all of the flaws in your wife or lover, you must Love your fellow human. Real and true Love has no grievances. Yet, no one wants to Love in this way. Why is that?

The reason most people don’t want to Love in the way that Love is meant to be practiced is because most humans reject and are afraid of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Most of the Love practiced by humanity is conditional Love based on expectations, pre-conceived notions and “what’s in it for me.” Even the religions that tout their teacher Jesus who preached “love thy neighbor as thyself” must go around the world to make people believe in their religion and when these people don’t accept this religion, they look upon them with distain. Proselytizing is not Love. It is ego that says, “my way is better, greater, truer.” These religions based on the truth of Jesus don’t practice Love. They practice hypocrisy. They can’t or won’t Love you unless you are in their fold, in their club, have been saved, otherwise they see you as less than themselves for what they really practice is entitlement and superiority.

This hypocrisy in practicing the antithesis of Love when you say you believe in Jesus is the ugly part of real and true Love. You can’t say you practice Love when your Love is conditional. Conditional Love is ugly. The beauty of true and real Love is that it is unconditional.


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