Spirit Is In My Face Telling Me How It Works

Spirit has been telling me how it works for years and I have been ignoring it’s proof. Spirit has put itself in my face saying, “Here I am” but I kept refuting it as real to me. I have been having many Spirit experiences for many years and all humans have these experiences and simply refuse to see them as Spirit being with them. What changed for me!

I finally realized that Spirit was in my face, was real and here with me when I wanted a favorite picture of my deceased wife, Maureen. I just couldn’t find it and so I decided to ask Maureen in the Spirit world for help finding it. I took a shot. Why not? Would you believe that within a few days, the picture materialized. I found it and it was at that moment that I realized that Maureen’s Spirit had helped me to find it. You may refute this as not real and I will tell you that it has happened with Maureen many times. For example, she directed me to her college, UNLV to get slides of her in the theatre productions she was in and have them printed onto a CD and put them on Facebook. There are many other examples I can cite of her doing this contacting with me from poems she wrote when she was 17 that I did not know she wrote to a hundred letters to her parents that she wrote while she was an actress in New York that were in a box that I didn’t know about in our closet. The list goes on and on.

In these situations with her, I realized it was her Spirit coming forth and contacting me. She was really with me and I realized that that’s how Spirit, how the soul of our loved ones are always right here with us. Every time I look at a photograph album I put together of her pictures throughout her life, that is our way of being together. It is real. It does not mean that I have to get obsessed with or carried away with always calling her forth but I now know that she is always here when I need her.


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