My Truth, Your Truth And THE Truth

From my observation post in the 8th dimension, I observe humanity’s obsession with the “truth.” For the most part, I see everyone believing that what they believe and say IS THE TRUTH! For example they believe that their religion is the one TRUE religion and “perceptions” of that nature. I am here to share with you that these “truths” that humanity hangs onto are NOT true because there is my truth, your truth and THE truth. How is this so?

Again, from my perch in the eighth dimension, what I see as human truth is based on a human’s level of consciousness, state of Beingness and level of awareness. Each human’s so-called “truth,” it seems to me, is solely based on the acuity of their perception based on what level of consciousness they’re at, the cohesion of their Beingness and their level of awareness. What this means is that depending on the level of reality that you are functioning at, your “truth” will be different than mine. For example, if you are fixated on material concerns, if that is your dominant identification, with no interest in your spiritual aspects, you are going to believe that what is truth for you is based on material things, objects, the physical reality, your ego. The spiritual reality will not be truth to you. Now what about THE truth?

There exists, I have found, a pure truth beyond my truth and your truth, beyond so-called perceived truth. It is the truth of the Law of One that states that there is only one Self here. We are all the SAME Spirit. Anything other than the Law of One is distortion.

So, when you believe and say that what you believe is the truth, take a deeper look into that truth because there is no truth other than the Law of One. Everything other than the Law of One is your perception which may be “real” to you but it is not necessarily true.


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