My Spaceship Is Thought

From what I see, humans are using obsolete means of space travel and other extra-terrestrial civilizations are using more advanced technology and a very few of our distant galactic and cosmic neighbors are using thought as their spaceship. What does it mean to use thought as your spaceship?

Using thought as your spaceship means that you travel from one universe in space to another spanning billions of light years in an instant by thinking it. Now, what you’re thinking about now is what or how does a YOU travel that distance with no physical ship? You have to realize that the YOU I’m talking about is not the physical you as you know it here on Earth. I’m talking the physical you as your Light Body which is your thought of yourself. You can call it your soul if you like or call it your life force. It has the ability to think itself to a place and distance has no relevance. Light years mean nothing to the power of thought. How do I know this?

I know this because I am a Cosmic traveler and I am “called” to planets across the Cosmos and when I’m called and I am ready, I travel in my spaceship called thought. I know I do this because I have accepted my imagination as real. It’s not “just your imagination” to me. What I imagine is as real as any physical thing to me. My imagination takes me places that are real. I have powerful creative intelligence that helps me to manifest whatever I desire. I can change anything about myself with my imagination including my beliefs, feelings and body that contribute to the awareness of my soul. Why is this important?

This is an important message because all humans have imagination and they have been brainwashed to believe their imaginations aren’t real when it’s more real than they are. We have been hoodwinked into allowing ourselves to be mesmerized by the physical aspect of ourselves as too real and to ignore, refute and doubt our non-physical aspects like our soul, Spirit and imaginations which are more real.

Where do you think Ascended Masters like Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, the Dali Lama and many others got their information from?  They went into meditation, into trance, into self-hypnosis, into contemplation, into silence and connected to the imagination of The All That Is and received divine information. A part of them traveled to places and met Ascended Masters and brought back this information in the form of sacred texts. We all can do the same. Just get into your thought spaceship and travel to where you want to go. Before you go, give pure intent as to what you are looking to connect with and that intent will take you there. Safe travels.


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