Man’s Wrong-Headed Perception Of God

I observe that most of humanity has a seriously wrong-headed perception of God. How does my observation tell me that?

How my observation tells me that most of humanity has a wrong-headed perception of God is by listening to what most of humanity says about how they get to God. Most of humanity says it has to do something to bring God, which is over there, to here where they are. This is incorrect and is known as “separation consciousness” that puts God is a separate place over there somewhere in a place of mythology called heaven. Wrong. How do I know this is wrong?

I know this is wrong because I took the quantum leap to meet the reality of God which is a consciousness, Beingness and awareness that creates and it creates everything from man to universes. The experience that humanity experiences as itself, as the planets it lives on, etc. is the Beingness of God that is palpable. We can see God in its creation as ourselves and all that’s physical and we can know God by going within ourselves to connect with God’s soul and Spirit which is IN SIDE US AND INSIDE EVERYTHING IN CREATION.

We don’t have to go somewhere else to meet God. God is right here in front of us, in us, around us, yet man continues to pray to some imagined concept of a deity out there some place. God is not a man, Force, energy apart from humans. It IS humans. I am here to assert that when humans look at humans, animals, Earth, trees, water, insects, they are looking at God yet humans continue to plod on believing a fairy story that God is in heaven.

God is not in heaven. God is in you, human.


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