Identifying With Soul

After fifty-five years on a meditative route, that is, a path of the non-ordinary, I have been enlightened to perceive that I am an identity. What does that mean and why is it important?

Perceiving that I am an identity means that I perceive my “self,” the I, the me of my persona/psyche/ego through my thoughts, feelings and other sensations that I have as a body and when I stop my thoughts, feelings and other sensations that I have as a body, I am left with awareness only and that awareness allows me to see my identification with body. It also shows me that I am really not my thoughts, feelings and body. The Importance of this is what I truly am is my soul. In seeing that what I am is truly my soul, I know that I am it. I am soul identity and ultimately, I am Spirit with no identity. I just am. What does this mean in a practical, living as a human sense?

What it means to be soul identity on a practical, human level is that I can relate to, feel and see the soul quality of everyone and everything in my domain, in my life. I go beyond people’s thoughts, feelings, looks and body when I relate to them. I connect with them on a soul level and I identify with them on that level. I experience people on a more deep, non-ordinary level in which I can perceive who they really are.

While I do, of course, pay attention to people’s thoughts, words, feelings, body, what’s more impressive about a person to me is their soul and that’s what I relate with, relate to. I no longer over-identify with their physical presence and that’s what I want to emphasize here. I no longer OVER-IDENTIFY with a person’s persona/psyche/ego. I see into their soul and that’s what’s real for me. Their body is just a thought and when I hug them, I am hugging their soul which I can feel.

This state of relating more to people’s souls is what I experience as being soulful.


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