I Can No Longer Tolerate Falseness!!!

I can no longer accept, deal with, abide by or stand in silence with any fakeness, falseness, insincerity, phoniness and control drama in myself and other human beings. Why is that?

The reason I can’t handle falseness any more in myself and others is that the vibration of Earth has shifted to a higher frequency and is complete and it will not allow me to be or accept the fake. What am I doing about this?

What I am doing about no longer being able to handle falseness in myself and others is to stalk, to hunt falseness down and eradicate it. How am I doing this?

I am stalking and hunting down falseness by calling it out, standing up against it, calling it by name, confronting it and not allowing it in my domain. Period. This does not mean being tactless, undiplomatic or rude. It means looking within and into the face of another and asking, “Is that true”? “That is not true for me”! “That does not ring with any truth for me”! “I don’t believe you’re being truthful”! “I don’t find any truth in what you’re saying”! After I say these things to myself and others, I wait to see what the response is. The response tells me of the  level of insincerity or duplicity. For example, if the reaction to my stalking insincerity is unabashed defensiveness then I take this as a sign that you are not confident in your untruthfulness. You are hiding behind a phony exterior and I will not tolerate it. I will not be abusive. I will simply hold my ground and speak from the level of my higher vibratory frequency which does not allow me to be false.

I am no longer on the consciousness level of fake. I am no longer capable of participating in the one to three consciousness levels so rampant on this planet from war to politics to territoriality to tribalism. I am on another plane now and it is not my job to lower my reality. You must come up to my vibration of truth.


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