I Came To Earth To Practice “Seva”

My assignment on Earth, why I was called here and agreed to come here is to do “Seva.” What is “Seva”? “Seva” is service to others. Why did I choose “Seva”?

I chose to do “Seva” here on Earth because it is the highest form of devotion to God. I am not here to judge others, to approve of others, to control others, to compete with others, to be compared to others, to be greater or better than others, to have a hidden agenda with others, to keep up with others. I am here in presence to lend that presence, the presence of Love, Wisdom and Healing that it may be in service to others that I may demonstrate my Love, appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness to God. Why do I desire to show my devotion to God?

I desire to show my devotion to God by being in service to others because I want God to know that I am aware that I am Creation and a Co-Creator as made by it and that I am grateful for all that God does for and with me in the very intention that God has to see me experience  it as the abundance mindset. I am saying “thank you” to God by being in service to others that their hearts may be lit with the fires of Love, Wisdom and Healing.

This “Seva” as a form of devotion to God is inherent in my soul path and spiritual journey. It is an eternal mission. It is who and what I am.


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