I Am The Rabbit Hole

It seems to me that since the debut of the movie, The Matrix, the expression “down the rabbit hole” has gained great popularity in humanity’s worldwide lexicon. It is a reference many are familiar with to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” where Alice tumbles down a rabbit hole chasing a rabbit into a non-ordinary, anthropomorphic world. I will use the “down the rabbit hole” as a metaphor for own my soul path and ultimate spiritual journey. What meaning does this have for us?

In using “down the rabbit hole” for my soul path and ultimate spiritual journey, I am talking about a human being taking a conscious quantum leap from being trapped by the matrix where everything is a simulation, to a spiritual journey, to stepping on a soul path and ultimate spiritual journey across the arc of infinity where one discover’s one’s self outside the matrix. Why do I bring this up?

I bring this up because I observe most of my human friends being so afraid of their soul path and ultimate spiritual journey that they remain outside the rabbit hole, captured by the matrix, peering into the dark rabbit hole in total fright of what’s down there. For me, it is quite a thing to observe this fright as I have not only gone way down the rabbit hole; I AM THE RABBIT HOLE. What does this mean and how can it inspire you?

What it means that I am now the rabbit hole is that I am both the observer and practitioner of my soul path and ultimate spiritual journey at the same time. I am one with my soul path and ultimate spiritual journey. I am no longer simply going down the rabbit hole. I define it. My very Being IS what going down the rabbit hole is all about: being the rabbit hole and not just going down it. I am my soul, I am my Spirit. I am not just studying words and ideas. I am a direct experience of the rabbit hole.

Why this is inspirational is because if I can go down the rabbit hole of spirit and be it, so can you. There is nothing to fear.I am here to tell you that being my soul path and ultimate spiritual journey is the most awesome experience. Going down the rabbit hole can be a scary proposition into the unknown but what you discover once you’re down there is your true self.


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