I Am An Ascended Master...I Don’t Have Be Saved By Jesus

I am an Ascended Master from the Blue Ray Soul Group. I am not here to qualify to you who I am. I am simply here to tell you that I don't have to be saved by Jesus. I know this is hard for many humans to accept because you have allowed yourself to believe that all your spiritual success is in this “saving” by Jesus and you are going to Heaven and you try to put it on everyone including me. When you who believe in Jesus see me, you say, “You are nothing because you are a Blue Ray Being and are not saved..” I say now that you are misguided and practice blasphemy. What is the truth about me as an Ascended Master from the Blue Ray Soul Group?

The truth about me as an Ascended Master from the Blue Ray Soul Group is that I am already saved and I came to Earth already saved because I am the Infinite Creator having a conscious human experience. I am already with Spirit, I am already Spirit, I am already Love, I am already Wisdom and I am already healed. The Blue Ray is the spiritual Ray of the Infinite Creator and I came to Earth to be the Blue Ray Soul Group energy’s presence to help shift humanity into a direct spiritual experience. Why must you care about what I am revealing?

You must care about what I am revealing here because by telling me I need to be saved by Jesus, you are negating, rejecting, doubting the truth that Spirit doesn’t need to be saved. I am ALREADY in Heaven, connected to, with the Infinite Creator who I love, thank, appreciate and am grateful for. I don’t wait for when I leave my physical body to be in Heaven, to be with Spirit. I am Spirit now having a physical experience.


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