How Do You Like Your Energy Now?

Our human creation experience, that is, being a body, living on a planet, earning money, making love is all energy expression. What does that mean?

The fact that, as humans, we are energy expressions means that we are the movement of atoms and sub-atomic particles that express what they are by specific energy patterns. These energy patterns are everything. Creation, being human, is an energy pattern and we, as conscious beings, have the ability to control and manipulate this energy we are. How so?

How do we, as humans, control and manipulate the energy we are? We control and manipulate the energy we are by being AWARE that our food, thoughts, feelings, money, words, imaginations, dreams are energy matrices that we have the power to shape into what we intend. For example, when you say a NEGATIVE word to another human, to an animal, to food, to your body, to Spirit that word is an energy pattern of a low vibration that negatively impacts the energy signature of the person or animal you say it to by diminishing, harming their energy pattern. When you utter POSITIVE words of love and appreciation to another being, you effect their energy pattern by raising it up, making it better.

This use of the energy we are and the energies around us is so simple and so powerful yet not many humans are using their energies to their highest potential. Why is that?

The reason most humans don’t use their energy signatures, patterns for their highest good is because they have been dumbed down by society, religion, believe that all they are is a dead piece of meat. Most of humanity has been fooled into believing that their very own energetic power is in the
hands of someone or something else. It’s a lie. Each human’s energy belongs to them and them alone and each human is capable of using the energy of creation for greater abundance and happiness. How do we use our energetic abilities?

The most important step to realizing your energetic Beingness is to flip the script of your mindset from being a nothing that believes you must be given energy to being an energy being that already has the energy needed to create a storehouse of abundance in your life. The second step is to examine the energy of your food, thoughts, feelings and Spirit. When I say examine the energy of, I mean are you eating fresh or dead food, are your thoughts positive or downtrodden, are your feelings depressed or exultant? Observe yourself and you will see your energy signature and you will see that your energy signature is the very thing that creates your reality. Watch your food, your thoughts, your feelings, your Spirit. Don’t just throw these aspects away, shape them to a more exciting energy. You have the power to change your energy signature that your creation is what you intend not what you chance.


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