Where To Find “God”

Have you connected with “God” yet? No? Wonder where “God” is or how to get to “God”? I spent my life learning what and where “God” is and how to connect to “God.” So, where is “God”

It seems to me that “God” is a consciousness and beingness that is in ALL manifestation including inside every human being whether the human being realizes and accepts it or not. “God” is in every material object, every microbe, the Stars, every animal, etc. What humans call “God” is not literally  a man in a faraway place called Heaven. “”God” IS man in the form of human beings as “God’s” consciousness and beingness IS humanity. So how do humans connect with and to “God”?

From my experience, humans connect with the consciousness and beingness of “God” by going within themselves. “God” is within your mind, your emotions, your body, your soul, your Spirit. “God” is YOU human being and you get “God” from within yourself. You are able, I have found, to connect with “God” by silencing your mind through meditation, contemplation and going into nature. “God” is already with you, human being, and all you have to do to get “God” is be with yourself, go into yourself.

You need no savior, no intermediary, no religious person, no book, no building to go into, no death to go to heaven for in order to meet “God.” “God” is with you right now. Go within. “God” will meet you there.


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