What Are Human Beings, Really?

I ask the question, “What are human beings, really?” I looked within my Beingness for the answer and here is the answer I received.

A human being is an individualized expression of God, a part of God, a servant of God, a representative of God, One with God in spirit in human form. A human is an individual that inhabits a world of many diverse and spiritually equal beings, no one of whom is greater than another. How does a human know itself?

Human being can better know itself in spirit as one with God remembering that the human is NEVER the whole of God. Please be assured that this is NOT blasphemy. Don’t allow narrow-minded religions to judge your love of God. Speak your truth, human, to all who choose to wonder what your relationship  is to your Creator, remembering that your relationship to your Creator is reciprocal. Humans are not supplicants (praying) asking for favors from the Creator. Humans are in a dynamic relationship with the Creator as co-Creators.

What the human is is a co-Creator. Every human is a drop of the consciousness and beingness of the ocean of the Creator/creation. The ocean is always inside the drop of itself.


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