The Parable Of Today

My life can be used as a parable for today and the title of that parable would be, “Remembering Who You Are.” What does that mean? “Remembering Who You Are”?

For me, what I discovered about what remembering who I am was all about waking up to my true and real self and this was a daunting task that has taken many years (for me) and most fortunate for me, it was my destiny to discover my true identity, my true reason for being in a human body, my over all mission, my purpose for being on Earth. My life led me to not only discover my true purpose but to achieve the realization of my purpose. How did I do it?

I found, through self-awareness, self-reflection and self analysis with the help of human guides and non-human guides, that a part of my ego had the capacity to listen to the wisdom of my soul and guides. I may not have always been conscious of why I was doing a thing but I did it and it led me to my destiny. So, what did my destiny reveal to me about what I needed to remember?

My destiny revealed to me that my true and real mission on Earth was to be of service in assisting the Earth and humans to raise their conscious vibration up a notch. In addition, it revealed that I am a Being of Love, Wisdom and Healing and to use these attributes to help the planet. Why do I tell you this?

I tell you my parable of remembering who I am because YOU are also here on Earth to remember who you are. May I encourage you to take time to reflect about who you really are and when you arrive at your realization, remember to be confident and have humility.


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