Superior And Entitled

I have perceived, from my experience with the Christians, Jews and Muslims, a problem with their attitude that leads to many of the world’s current problems: superiority and entitlement born out of each of their beliefs that they and they alone are the true religion and every other religion is therefore false. As a result of this misguided attitude, they believe they have the right to proselytize, to be dogmatic, to murder in the name of their beliefs if you don’t believe their story and to feel that they are better than everyone else. Wrong and wrong again.

The way to connect with SpiritGod is as varied as the grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth FOR THERE IS NO ONE TRUE AND RIGHT WAY TO CONNECT WITH SPIRIT/GOD. For the above religions to foster the belief that they each alone have the right and only way to approach Spirit/God is criminal, evil, morally wrong, judgmental and blasphemous. What is one to do to connect with Spirit/God in a pure way?

I have found through many years of religious and spiritual study and practice in connecting with SpiritGod that the most pure way to connect with Spirit/God is by going within yourself through meditation, contemplation, self-reflection for Spirit/God exists inside all of us. We ARE Spirit/God having a physical experience and there is no need for a man-made patriarchal, hierarchical order to dominate over humankind’s inherent spiritual condition. We CAN have religion with a more enlightened approach that sees connecting with Spirit/God as an on-going practice of understanding Spirit/God ever more deeply through ritual, celebration and iconography. This, by the way, is an infinite pursuit. It never ends. Today’s religions must evolve or perish as there is no room for superiority or entitlement in Spirit/God. To be spiritual requires humility and Love, in my realm.


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