Reconciling Being A Non-Physical Being While In A Human Body

We human’s deal with our physical, human condition the best we can, I have found but how do we reconcile the non-physical aspects of ourselves such as our souls, emotions, Spirits and thoughts that are non-physical and are operated on by different laws than being in a human body? In spending a lifetime mastering both my physical and non-physical aspects, I have some guidance that may be helpful to you. By the way, there is no getting there, getting to a place, a final destination. It’s a continuum. I am still mastering the aspects of my human complex.

The way I learned to master, not only my physical self but also my emotional, mental, soul and Spirit Selves was to first learn to put my awareness on each aspect of the complex that I am. I learned to be in my bodies and pay attention to them and know the difference between how my body “talked” to me as well as how my “Spirit” talked to me, guided me. Once I learned the differences between my “bodies” and became more aware of how I lived in their presence, I learned how to work with them, to master them and to most importantly, love them. For example, my body would talk to me through bodily signals like tiredness, stress, pain, sickness and disease and it was critical, I learned, to immediately pay attention to my body or it would cause havoc. It took me a long time to really get this about my body since I thought I was invincible. When it came to my soul, I started paying attention to images, hunches, psychic visions and intuition that is the language of my soul and started following what my soul was telling me. A good example was when I had a hunch to move out of my parent’s apartment in Staten Island that I had moved back into after being on the road as an actor. My soul (the intuition I paid attention to) guided me to an apartment on the upper West Side of Manhattan where I had never visited or lived before. Two months later, I met the love of my life and several years later, left New York and achieved my destiny of realizing who and what I am and why I am here. I did the same with my mind, my emotions and my Spirit.

In learning the voices, needs and machinations of all my “bodies,” I was able to master them, to get them under a certain amount of my volition and reconcile them, that is, align them in harmony with my physical aspect. I was able to bridge the non-physical aspect of my Beingness with the physical aspect of my Beingness. What this allowed in me was and still is a wholeness of presence and an aware participation in my destiny, in my soul path and spiritual journey.


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