“Over There” Vs “Here”

It seems to me that the entire human race is infected with “over there” thinking and perception which doesn’t allow them to be “here.” What does this mean?

It means that the indoctrination of “over there” thinking and perception has caused mankind to live in a distortion of a reality where they believe God is “over there” in heaven, their soul is “over there” somewhere, their destiny is “over there” to be fulfilled. I am here now and I am aware that there is no “over there” as everything is right here. Where is right “here.”

From my experience of being right “here,” it is the perception that all is within you. God, Spirit, soul, destiny, goals, purpose, mission are all inside you here and now. To be “here” now, one can only look within oneself. The field of infinite possibilities originates “here” within oneself and not “out there.” How does mankind move from “over there” thinking to “here” thinking?

What I experienced in my life to help me go from “over there” thinking to “here” thinking is to go within myself through concentration, contemplation, meditation, self-reflection, rumination, solitude, peace, quiet and navigating the internal landscape of my persona/psyche/ego/consciousness. This helped me to perceive that everything I am is within me and then I could touch that “within-ness” in everything from God to trees.

This is a never-ending practice and process and I like to call it a meditative route. This means that I am a meditation and in being a meditation, I am “here,” not “over there.” “Over there” is no where.


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