From being Spirit, I am aware that the labels humans apply to each other from “fag” to “libtard” and from “evangelical” to “dummy” are human creations based on human ego and judgement and are not from Spirit, from God. How do I know this?

I know that these labels humans use don’t come from Spirit, from God because Spirit doesn’t use words and does not label humans as this or that in a biased, judgmental way. Point to the Bible all you want and and it does not justify the use of putting labels on people so that other people can feel good by dominating them or putting them down. What this really smacks of in labeling people is intolerance to people’s differences. What is the proposition behind this intolerance?

The proposition behind the intolerance of human differences and labeling people with judgement is fear of the unknown, fear of what is different and not understood. We have a planet in fear, humans in fear of each other and most tragically, humans in fear of themselves. How can this fear be overcome?

Fear of others can be overcome by going among those you fear, those you don’t understand, those you see as different. Travel to other places and learn the culture and customs of others. Befriend someone who you have appended a negative label to and see who they are up close and personal. I can assure you that some part or all of the labeling will disappear.

Labels are put on people by people, not by God.


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