I Am Whole And Complete As I Am

It seems to me that I am whole and complete as I am. What am I really saying here?

First, what I am NOT saying is that I don’t have anymore becoming because I am ALWAYS in a state of becoming. What I AM saying is that I have no sins, am not broken, don’t have to go through Jesus, a Priest, Rabbi, Imam, Monk, Guru, therapist or anyone to be “saved” or anything else to be whole and complete. I was whole and complete at birth. I don’t need another person in a relationship to “complete” me. I don’t need something to make me happy. I am already happy within. This does not mean that I don’t need what all humans need: Love, Security, Touch, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Balance, Companionship, etc. What I’m saying is my Beingness is a wholeness and completeness in itself and my life has been about going within myself to remember that, to be that, to live that.

For me, the act of being spiritual is remembering my inherent wholeness and completeness. I came here to do two things in my mission on Earth: to be of service to others and to learn. What do I need to learn? I need to learn that I have only myself to look at if I allow myself to believe I am sinful, broken, fragmented, incomplete.

This need to learn is a continuum and the reason for a soul path and spiritual journey. Whether I am an Ascended Master or not, I NEVER stop learning...and teaching. This, to me, is the true humility of the master. To have confidence in having mastery while having humility that you are one who is open to deeper and newer knowledge always.


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