How Do I Know I’m God In Physical Form?

In my experience with connecting with my Higher Self, Soul and Spirit, I realize I am God in physical form. Now, I’m not ALL of God, just a fractal, a piece but God nonetheless. How do I know these non-physical aspects, my soul, etc. that I connect to make me a piece of God?

I know that I am a piece of God in physical form because I can intend. Intention is an energy God uses to manifest. When God does not intend, that is the unmanifest realm of pure potential. God is BOTH the manifest and unmanifest world at the same time just like humans are and we have the divine ability built into us to intend manifestation. For example, we intend to build a skyscraper. It comes in us humans as a desire to do a thing, build a thing. We use our imaginations and use architecture to design the skyscraper and assemble the forces to build it. Most of the aspect of building the skyscraper is non-physical: our intention, desire, imagination makes it a reality. This is the same way God creates and it is in humans and that is how I know that I am God in physical form.

All the major religions have humanity gullibly swallowing that it is disconnected from God, is not God. When a human has realization that it is God in physical form, uses intention to create, the religions shout “blasphemy” to keep humans powerless unless you go through the church, Jesus, a Priest, etc. You can continue believing that intention is created by being in authority or having to go through an authority figure and be saved and that you are nothing. That’s your choice. My reality in connection with Spirit is that I have in me what God has in it: the ability to intend a reality into existence and I intend on using it to the chagrin of the religious authorities!!!


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